The Never Ending Wish List...

This is the current wish list, i will update it regularly as i get the polishes or as my wish list increases ;-)

Urban Decay: ***Toxin***

Lynnderella: Any ltd edt!

Beyu: 209

Ozotic: 908, 907, 906,

Cult Nails: Deal With It, I Got Distracted, Princess

Chanel: **Holographic**

Femme Fatale: Crimson Acolyte, Sweet Surprise, Winter Hyacinth

Emily de Molly: Falling Skys, My Bleeding Heart, Super Vixen, You Don't Own Me, Sakura,

Contary Polish: Bright Night, Candle Light, Mystery, Play Me, Purple Smoke, Firebrand, Inky Fingers,

Maisie Shine ( Perception, Splendid

Mod Lacquer ( Lightening Lime, Retro Disco, Star Seeds, Dreamland.

Colors ByLlarowe: Sparkles Are A Girls Best Friend, Her Eyes Shined

Indigo Bananas: Klein Trink Wasser,