Monday, 6 April 2015

I'm Baaaaack!

Just a quick check in with my Hussies to say how's things going?!

Its been a year long break but I think I'm ready to return to the blogging world again. Ive taken the time to rekindle my love affair with nail polish, it dwindled last year, I think blogging almost felt like a job but now I feel ready to share again.

My polish life has evolved slightly since I last blogged. Firstly I've been bitten by the nail art bug, I may not be very good but damn it I give it a try! Secondly I've restricted my polish buying habits to just polishes I LOVE. I used to have to buy whole collections but now I'm able to restrict myself to just polishes that I really love and will wear, my collection has decreased from over 2500 polishes to around 650ish so that's a massive drop. Finally I will blog when I want to or feel the need to; I wont be adding hundreds of photos and I wont be blogging every day or even every week, just when something really gets me going! I want you to feel passionate about what I blog and in order to make you feel passionate I need to feel passionate! I want to enjoy blogging again so I wont be putting any pressure on myself.

OK enough gabbin' on. Here are a few examples of what I've been up to in my year long break...

Christmas Nails using Pipe Dream Polish ANIV Collection
Christmas Nails under UV light
Halloween Nail Art
Halloween Nail Art (glow in the dark shot)
Pond Mani
Blowing dandelions stamping over a gradient base
When Shrek met Fiona! (I did these when I went to see Shrek! The Musical)
A long time lemming of mine! Chaos &Crocodiles Cupcake Ninja
Buzzzzzzzy bee mani

Cute Grim Reaper Nails

So this is just a taste of my past year. I have such sights to show you...