Monday, 20 April 2015

Colors by Llarowe Pikes Pink

Hey Hussies!
Today I have one of the new CbL jelly polishes to share with you. This past week Llarowe released four new jelly polishes and I have Pikes Pink for you tonight. I loved the jellies Leah Ann released last year; I know there were some staining issues and I myself had staining but with colours like Summer...Finally! and the gorgeous Frenzy I can overlook staining. Besides I never go out with naked nails so its not exactly a huge deal anyway for me.
Pikes Pink is a deep pink jelly that can be built to opacity in about 3-4 coats.
I'm a sucker for a Pond Manicure so that was my first thought when I saw new jellies! Just look at the depth that can be created with this multi-layered technique. I haven't got a tutorial for creating a Pond Manicure but there are loads on Instagram and You Tube so go have a look and have a go.

I'm hoping to grab Wildflower Fields and Garden of the Gods when Rainbow Connection restock at the end of the month as I've got big plans for them too.

Colours by Llarowe polishes are available direct from and us UK girls can stock up at Rainbow Connection UK.