Thursday, 16 April 2015

Color Club Poptsatic Pastel Neon Collection

Hey Hussies!
Today I have the new Poptastic Pastel Neon Collection from Color Club. Firstly the thought of pastel neons is a total oxymoron for me, how can a pastel also be a neon?? Faded or bleached neons may have been a better choice of words but that's just the teacher in me coming out.
The name aside, I love this collection! It consists of seven shades including Feathered Hair Out To There (pink), Meet Me At The Rink (blue), Diggin The Dancing Queen (lavender),
Disco's Not Deat (creamy yellow), Hot Hot Hot Pants (peach), 'Til The Record Stops (minty green) and Under The Blacklight (pastel highlighter yellow). Each one reaches pull creamy coverage in 2-3 careful coats.
The colours are delicate yet vibrant at the same time. I've been playing around with this collection for a week or so now and here are a couple of the fun ideas I've come up with...
And just in case you were wondering...
They do glow under black light/UV light!
Colour Club polishes are available from many online retailers. I bought my collection from the USA on EBay as they are a little more difficult to get in the UK.