Monday, 18 February 2013

piCture pOlish Monday! Atomic

Hiya Hussies!

Continuing on with piCture pOlish Monday I have Atomic to share with you. Don't forget to visit The Crumpet HERE to see her amazing swatches of Monroe!

Atomic is one of the new collaboration shades that was dreamt up by the gorgeous Sarah from Samarium's Swatches who's blog can be found HERE.

Atomic is the most difficult polish to photograph ever! Is it white with shimmer? Silver with holo particles? Metallic pewter? Pale gold with holo and shimmer? I just DON'T know lol!

What I do know is that it is an awesome polish that you can't truly appreciate until you have it on your fingers. Its a colour that will suit everyone and its work appropriate too (depending on where you work).

The swatches here show two coats of Atomic which is all that was needed because it applies like butter. I haven't used a top coat because I didn't think it needed one, although top coat does not dull the holo/shimmer/sparkle effect at all.

piCture pOlish Atomic

piCture pOlish Atomic

piCture pOlish Atomic

piCture pOlish Atomic - Each of those little glints is a holographic particle!

piCture pOlish Atomic - Sometimes the only way to capture the true sparkle is with a blurred photo

piCture pOlish Atomic

piCture pOlish Atomic - Maybe a super-macro shot will reveal the magic of Atomic...

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