Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nostalgic Lacquer New Wave Winter Collection: Part 1

Hi Hussies

Today I have two of the New Wave Winter Collection by Nostalgic lacquer to share with you. This is a brilliant little collection for winter, its completely different to all of the other Christmasy themed collections and its really fun. Especially if you're an 80's baby like me!

Rock Me Amadeus

I never liked this song! It drives me potty lol! Luckily the polish is quite the opposite. If anything it could almost scrape by as a Christmasyish (yes I'm aware that's not a word) polish.

RMA is a white crelly polish with red, green and purple square and mini hex glitter and a smattering of medium sized back hex glitter just to mix things up a little. Its Christmassy without being obviously Christmassy, like a rebel Christmas polish....

The formula was excellent, I really cant fault it. The white crelly glided on smoothly and wasn't at all patchy, no fishing for glitters as plenty loaded onto the brush in one dip and the glitters lay very close to the nail so no need for masses of top coat either. The swatches here show three coats of RMA topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

Nostalgic Lacquer Rock Me Amadeus


Mad World

Ive been singing this all flipping day! Mad World (the polish) fits its name perfectly its a mad creation! A clear base packed with 100 different types of glitter in all shapes, colours and sizes. The glitter that stood out most for me were the black, glossy circular glitters, they reminded me of the old vinyl records that these songs would have been released on originally.

A total blast from the past, I remember going through my moms record collection (very carefully supervised!) and being fascinated that music lay in those little groves on the records...

Once again this polish was a dream to apply, here I only used one coat and look at the amount of glitter I got on the nail, this is only a fraction of the different glitters that are actually in the bottle. Every time you use this polish it will be a surprise on what you'll find and every manicure will be completely unique!

For these swatches I layered one coat of Mad World over a base of Illamasqua Stance and topped it off with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.

Nostalgic Lacquer Mad World

The New Wave Collection will be released shortly and will be available directly from the Nostalgic shop, in the meantime you can keep up to date with release information and new shades via the Nostalgic Lacquer Facebook page.

The new collection is currently available at Overall Beauty and will be available also at Shoppe Eclecticco in the very near future.