Tuesday, 20 November 2012

NailNation 3000 Eve and Purple Haze

Hello Hussies! Firstly I'd like to say a big hello to the new followers that have joined us, welcome and I hope you enjoy being a part of this wonderful little community :-)

Today I'm going back to my holographic roots! I was recently contacted by Maria from NailNation about reviewing some of her polishes for her. Now I have no idea where this little minx has been hiding because it was a total surprise to find a holographic polish creator that I didn't know about. I must have been hiding under a rock for the past year!

I received several of her polishes in the post this Saturday and my first reaction was a big, fat WOW!

I have Eve and Purple Haze to show you, set your eyes to stunned...


Eve is a beautiful mid blue polish, its not quite a royal blue but not a dark blue either (if that makes any sense at all!). This baby has holographic pigment to the moon and back, Maria seems to have a slight addiction to holo pigment and loads up everything she has into her polishes.

Eve has the regular scattered holographic effect, however in some lights there is a linear effect and when the lights are really dim there's a good scoop of fine holographic glitter to back the whole thing up.

The formula is a great texture and covers beautifully in one coat although for these swatches I've used two coats to reveal the full depth of the polish. The finish is slightly gritty due to the holographic glitter but this is easily solved with a coat of Seche Vite (which doesn't dull the holographic effect either).

Nail Nation 3000 Eve photographed inside without any light source

Photographed in the sunlight (yes sunlight in the UK, in November!)

Oh just look at those rainbows!

Purple Haze

Purple haze is a delicate dusty plum, its Eve's pale purple sister in every way. The holo packs the same punch and there is the same holographic micro glitter to catch every available beam of light possible.

Again this polish covered well in one coat but for depth I have used two coats here. I applied one coat of Seche Vite just to smooth the gritty texture and add gloss. Once again top coat did not dull the holographic effect.

Nail Nation 3000 Purple Haze

Its like a bucket full of Spectraflair threw up in this polish!

Seriously how can you not LOVE these polishes!? Maria makes her polishes in very small batches and often makes only one "pour" of each batch so once they are gone that's it. If you spot something in her for sale photographs jump on them quick because you might not get another chance.

NailNation has a Facebook page where you can search the photos for polishes that are currently for sale. There is also breaking news that NailNation 3000 polishes will be stocked by Llarowe shortly so stay tuned....