Monday, 19 November 2012

Daily Lacquer The Lovely Moon Collection: Part 3

As promised here are the final two polishes in The Lovely Moon Collection by Daily Lacquer. Today I have Usagi and Minako for you...

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Usagi is a clear based polish packed with white heart glitter, silver holographic moons, red and blue matte glitter and gold holographic bar glitter. Its a party in a bottle! The holographic bars really reflect the light giving the polish the look of laser lines on your nails.
The formula is quite thick so the best way to use this polish is by using the dabbing method. I layered this over a base of Zoya Storm, however it looks brilliant over most bases.
As with all of the polishes in the range the shaped glitter was easy to get on the brush, there's so much glitter in these polishes that theres no need to fish for what you want. One dip leaves an array of different glitters on the brush.
The swatches here show one coat of Usagi over Zoya Storm, topped with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite.
Daily Lacquer Usagi

See how the bar glitter reflects all the colours of the rainbow, resembles a laser!



Minako is similar to Usagi in the mix of glitters except the base of Minako is tinted with a shimmery orange. The hearts in Minako are red and theres also the addition of silver holographic stars in the mix too.
I layered this polish over a white base to show the orange tint of the base, then I topped it off with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Sche Vite.
Daily Lacquer Minako

Not the best shot, but it does show off the shimmer in the base :-)
Daily Lacquer polishes are available at Maggy's Etsy store don't forget to use your 20% off discount at the checkout with code Hussy20. There is also a Daily Lacquer Facebook page where you can keep up to date with new releases and restock information.