Saturday, 1 September 2012

FNUG Futuristica

New holographic polish on the block! This is FNUG (yes its said exactly how it is spelt!) a Scandinavian company with a new wow factor holographic range.

Tonight I have FNUG Futuristica to show you. This is a cool pale blue linear holographic polish, the holo is very strong and I'd say its close to the original GOSH Holographic effect. The holo shows lots of colours but leans to the cool greens, blues, purples and pink spectrum.

Unfortunately there is a down side to the amazing holo. The formula is similar to the original GOSH Holographic, in fact its a bit of a pain in the arse to apply and the wear time is pretty much 24 hours and that's your lot. Top coats dull the holo effect considerably so that is a big no no. This seems to be the norm though with the strong linear holo polishes, we have a choice between beauty and wear time.

For these swatches I wore two coats of Futuristica followed by a coat of A England The Shield (I read that a top coat between coats of holo polish can help extend the wear time) followed by another coat of Futuristica.

FNUG Futuristica photographed outdoors on a cloudy day with no flash and its STILL holographic! This represents the true colour of the polish, an icy, cool blue

Now for some flash photos!

Outside in cloudy conditions

So my verdict stands that all in all its a fantastic holographic polish, however its let down by its short wear time and high price tag of £15.00 for 8.5ml. I remain unsure about if the pros outweigh the cons :-S

FNUG polishes are currently available at Wild Swans in the UK and other stockists are coming really soon so stay tuned...

FNUG also have their own Facebook page where you can keep up to date with new releases. Wild Swans also have a Facebook page.