Monday, 24 September 2012

Dollish Polish This Is Halloween Collection Part 2

Yesterday I showed you the first instalment of Dollish Polish's This Is Halloween Collection (which can be found here). Today I have yet more spooky beauties to show you...

Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade is a dusty purple super shimmery based polish, filled with green and blue micro and small square glitter and  purple and black hex glitters in various sizes. The polish has a rich, luxurious feel and the green and blue glitters glint like wolves eyes peeping through a forest.

The formula is similar to that of I'm The Boogie Man and reaches opacity in three coats. The swatches here show three coats of Deadly Nightshade followed by one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite.

Dollish Polish Deadly Nightshade

Here you can see the depth of the shimmer and green and blue glitters glinting

This Is Halloween

This polish just screams autumn to me. Its a decadent mixture of tiny and small orange hex glitters and tiny gold and green glitters broken up with black matte glitter suspended in a clear base. Its possible to build the polish to full opacity because the glitter is quite dense but I chose to layer it over Cult Nails Swanbourne which is a deep, chocolaty brown polish.

This Is Halloween is not just for Halloween, this is a polish that will take your right through the Autumn season :-)

The swatches here show one coat of This Is Halloween layered over two coats of Swanbourne and topped off with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite.

Dollish Polish This Is Halloween

This polish is like Autumn leaves crushed and bottled

In this shot you can just about see the black glitter

Spectral Pup

This polish is by far the most exciting polish of the collection! My first thoughts when I saw this polish were "its not very Halloweeny" however this delicate looking orange and white glitter polish hides a secret...

Its glow in the dark, and I don't mean it glows a little bit like the glow in the dark polishes of yesteryear, this baby GLOWS!!

Spectral Pup is best layered over a base colour so I popped two coats of this polish over a base of A England Avalon which made the orange and white glitters pop. The base is full of tiny iridescent glitter so it glitters from every angle.

The swatches here were finished with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.

Dollish Polish Spectral Pup

Here you can see the iridescent shimmer glinting

Lets turn out the lights.....

Amazing glow in the dark!


Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire V's Dollish Polish Vampire Coven

Last night I got a request from Jen to do a comparison between Lynnderella's Very Pretty Vampire and Dollish Polish Vampire Coven so that's exactly what I did :-)

Lynnderella VPV on index and pinkie finger, Dollish Polish VC on middle and ring finger

Dollish Polish VC on the middle finger and Lynnderella VPV on the index finger
Both polishes are layered over one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore

Dollish Polish VC on ring finger and Lynnderella VPV on the pinkie finger
Both polishes are layered over one coat of Cult Nails Quench

In summary Lynnderella VPV is a more purple/magenta based colour and Dollish Polish VC is definitely more red. I think VC glows more as he glitters are metallic, some of the glitters in VPV are a satin sheen so they don't glint the same. I think VC is more versatile as it changes how it looks depending on the base colour it is layered over.

I think there is definitely room for both polishes in any serious collectors stash (at least that's what I'm telling my husband!) ;-)

Dollish Polish are available direct from her online store, Llarowe and Overall Beauty. You can keep up to date with new shades and restock information on the Dollish Polish Facebook page.