Sunday, 2 September 2012

A England Gothic Beauties: Jane Eyre

Tonight I have the first of three A England Gothic Beauties to show you. This is Jane Eyre, named after the central character of the Charlotte Bronte novel.

Jane Eyre appears black in most lights, it truly is a gothic shade. However in sunlight and under bright indoor lights it comes alive with deep burgundy/red hidden shimmer. You cant help but stare at your nails to catch a glimpse of the sparkle!

As with all A England polishes the application was effortless, covering perfectly in two coats. The finish isn't glossy but it isn't satin either, I'm not sure how to explain it really! I prefer a high gloss finish so I topped it off with a coat of A England The Shield.

A England Jane Eyre photographed indoors with the flash on

Photographed outdoors in the sunlight. This shows how the polish appears to be black most of the time but pops with deep red/burgundy shimmer in the light.

Photographed outdoors under cloudy conditions

Photographed outdoors in sunlight
Photographed in a light box under 2 lamps

Photographed in a light box under 2 lamps

Photographed in a light box under 2 lamps

There's no denying it Autumn is on its way and what better way to celebrate it than breaking out the vampy colours. Its nice to have a change after all the neons and pastels of the summer :-)

The Gothic Beauties Collection contains five new vampy shades all with this mysterious secret shimmer. You can order directly from Adina at A England and receive free worldwide shipping on any purchase or you can order from Leah Ann at Llarowe, Kim at Overall Beauty and Rhonni at Ninja Polish.