Tuesday, 11 September 2012

365 Days Of Color My Little Cuppycake & Too Pink To Function

Hello Hussies! Sorry for my disappearance over the past few days I've been really busy with my blog sale (which by the way has had its prices lowered go have a nosey!)

Today I have two of 365 Days Of Color's End Of The Rainbow collection for you. I have agonised over putting these on the blog for over a week now, but I decided that I owe it to you guys to give an honest opinion and I would have liked to have seen a review like this before I brought these polishes. I aim to give you the chance to make an informed decision, not to hurt anyone's feelings.

My Little Cuppycake

This cute polish is a white jelly base scattered with matte multicoloured, different shaped glitter. Unfortunately because of the jelly base this is a really difficult polish to handle, it took four coats to get the opacity that I wanted and the glitter was a bit on the sparse side. I think the fact that I used so many layers caused air bubbles in the polish too. In hindsight I should have layered it over some white undies which is what I'll do next time.

I have to say though that I really love the finished look of this, it just takes a bit of patience to get there.

365 Days Of Color My Little Cuppycake

Too Pink To Function

Too Pink is a pale baby pink crelly base with multicoloured, multishaped glitter, it also has a pretty hidden blue micro shimmer that shows in certain lights. The formula is mildly better than Cuppycake but not much, it still took four coats to become opaque, however this polish didn't bubble quite so badly which is a good thing. I think this is another polish that would benefit from being layered over some pink undies.

356 Days Of Color Too Pink To Function

Photographed with the flash in the hope of showing the blue shimmer, it didn't want to play!

In concept i love both of these polishes, i just think the execution hasn't been quite right.

These polishes are available at the 365 Days Of Color shop.