Sunday, 12 August 2012

piCture pOlish White Wedding Olympic Closing Ceremony Manicure

So the Olympics have come to a spectacular end, congratulations to USA on their amazing lead, followed by China! Obviously I am utterly thrilled by Team GB's awesome third place, for such a tiny country we did bloody well!!

In honour of the closing ceremony and Team GB's fantastic finish I have done a British themed manicure. I kept it simple and used a Union Jack heart shaped water decal as an accent finger. There was only one colour that I knew I was desperate to use for this manicure...

When I first saw piCute pOlish had a Llarowe exclusive I knew I HAD to have it! Leah Ann has been a good friend for a couple of years now and I knew anything she would be helping to create would be right up my ally.

White Wedding is perfect, it looks like snow when it has melted slightly and then re-frozen. Its got a magical shimmer that appears in all of the colours of the rainbow in certain lights and in other lights its a shimmery bright white.

I was a little sad that the rainbow shimmer isn't more obvious, as you know I'm a total magpie and I like my shimmers to blow my brains out, but its still a really pretty polish. Unfortunately the shimmer didn't want to play with the camera so its not easy to see in the photos.

The swatches here show three coats of White Wedding followed by a coat of Poshe.

piCture pOlish White Wedding

See the rainbow shimmer in the bottle?

You can just about catch the shimmer in this shot

Macro of the shimmer in its full glory!

piCture pOlish White Wedding is a Llarowe exclusive and its only available there or on the piCture pOlish site. Llarowe has a Facebook page where you can get details of the stock of this polish.