Friday, 17 August 2012

Nail-Venturous Hussy and Toxic

So far this week I have been wearing NVL polishes so I thought I'd carry on and do a little more spam for you.

Today I have two NVL polishes to show you...


Hussy was made for me by Amy as a special request. I asked her to make me a surprise polish and gave her a list of my favourite colours and she came up with this stunning creation!

Hussy has a purple jelly with lots of blue micro shimmer base and then its packed with green, blue and magenta glitters and Amy topped it off with some medium sized matte pink squares. Ahhhhhhh true love..... ;-D

Nail-Venturous Hussy


The next polish I have to show you is Toxic. This is a strange polish and I don't know how to describe it really!

It has a pale green shimmery base, a really shimmery base, that is filled with neon yellow and lime green matte micro glitter, black midi glitter and medium sized black hex glitter.

It looks just like, well.... toxic waste lol! Its a really fun polish! Here it looks lumpy but its completely smooth, this is three coats of Toxic, two coats of Gelous and two coats of Poshe (yes that's 7 coats in total!!)

Nail-Venturous Toxic

Taken with a flash to show the intense shimmer in the base.

I still have more NVL to show you so I think I'll spam you again tomorrow lol!

Loves ya xx