Saturday, 18 August 2012

Nail-Venturous Flying Blue Jay, Purple Flying Blue Jay and Humble Bee

Hopefully I'm not boring you with my Nail-Venturous spam but today i have some more for you :-D

Flying Blue Jay

Flying Blue Jay looks like a bright blue jelly polish with white glitter but it is so much more than that! Yes it does have one of the brightest blue jelly bases I've ever seen and yes it does have two types of white glitter, however what you might not know is that it have blue matte micro glitter and a slight shimmer to the base.

Nail-Venturous Flying Blue Jay

See the three pieces of the blue micro glitter on the large white hex glitter?

Purple Flying Blue Jay

During the course of my amazing polish swap with Amy I asked if it would be possible to have a purple version of Flying Blue Jay and being the lovely person that she is she made it happen :-)

Purple Flying Blue Jay has a vibrant purple jelly base and is full of medium and large white hex glitter and small purpley/magenta glitter. I seriously couldn't be more thrilled by this!

Nail-Venturous Purple Flying Blue Jay

Taken with the flash on to show the vibrancy of the purple jelly and the layering of the glitter

Flying Blue Jay and Purple Flying Blue Jay are sadly no longer available for sale. This next polish however IS AVAILABLE....

Humble Bee

This is one of my most lusted after polishes, I was so desperate for this that I would go to almost any lengths to get hold of it. Then one day my lovely friend Crystal from Crystals Crazy Combos managed to snag it for me and she made me so happy :-)

Humble Bee is a simple mix of bright yellow and black matte midi glitter scattered with black medium sized hex glitter in a clear base. Its simplicity is what makes this polish perfect! Here I have just two coats of Humble Bee followed by a coat of Seche Vite, considering its a glitter polish is lies very flat. A little goes a long way and full opacity can be reached in 2-3 coats or you could layer it over a complimenting base colour.

Nail-Venturous Humble Bee

There is a small selection of Nail-Venturous polishes, including Humble Bee, being produced by Ninja Polish, you can sign up for updates on when polishes are back in stock. Ninja Polish also have a Facebook page where you can find details of new releases and stock updates.