Monday, 20 August 2012

CrowsToes Bunny Slope/Angel Paint

I have a new number one indie brand! I have utterly fallen in love with CrowsToes polishes, a few weeks ago I'd never heard of them and now I just cant get enough!

Tonight's offering is Bunny Slope and its gorgeous. Bunny slope is a mixture of tiny white matte glitter and iridescent/holographic glitter speckled amongst the white. The application is good, here I layered two coats of Bunny Slope over one coat of piCture pOlish White Wedding and it covered really well, if you didnt want to layer it you could have full coverage in three coats. Bunny Slope dries a little gritty but nothing that can't be solved with a coat of Gelous and a couple of coats of Poshe.

Its been sunny here in the UK and I haven't been able to take my eyes off my fingers! The iridescent/holo glitters catch the light beautifully. If there is one white glitter polish you must buy this year make it this one!!

CrowsToes Bunny Slope

At this angle you can see the texture of the polish

Blurred shot to show the iridescent/holo glitter against the white matte glitter

Macro heaven!

CrowsToes polishes are available at Llarowe and Overall Beauty. CrowsToes also have a brilliant blog called The Polished Crow.

I can honestly say hand on heart that a new love affair has started for me... :-D