Sunday, 1 July 2012

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood

Sorry about being MIA yesterday; I had a bitch of a day! I’m back now and ready to share a lush ManGlaze polish with you Hussies.
This is Fatty's Got More Blood, a sumptuous deep blood red almost, verging on burgundy matte polish. The formula on the ManGlaze polishes is second to none, this is one coat and it dried almost instantly. I love this polish, it makes me feel a bit naughty and powerful, it’s the sort of polish you wold wear to a power meeting in a room full of men to give you the edge. It reminds me of a gothic vampires sleeping quarters, sexy but oh, so deadly!
The polish itself has a secret shimmer going on; when its matte you can see glimmers of a shimmer but put a glossy top coat on and whoa! This baby completely transforms into a dancing feast of sparkle.
ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood

See the glints of shimmer..?
So by now you know i cant leave ANY polish alone, i have to fiddle! I thouht id add some glossy stamping just to see what happens...

Rose stamping with glossy topcoat

See the contrast between the matte shimmer and the glossy shimmer. I really liked this combination.

I wore Fatty's Got More Blood like this for a day (with very minimal wear to the finish) then thought I'd try out covering the whole thing with top coat just too see the shimmer...

Photograph taken in full sun light, the shimmer almost has a holographic feel to it. Man you have got to LOVE the art work on the ManGlaze polishes!

I have several ManGlaze polishes and i have to say that they are all as awesome as this one! I feel really privileged to have any of these polishes as they don't ship to the UK, they take pride of place in my collection.

The ManGlaze online store is currently under construction but you can get full details on where to buy and how to order on their Facebook page.