Saturday, 28 July 2012

Layla Holographic Effect Ultra Violet and Heart Stamping

Sorry for not posting yesterday but I was consumed with the Olympics opening ceremony last night. It made me very proud to be British :-)

To make up for it I have a bit of a double post for you. This is Layla Ultra Violet, a simply stunning linear holographic lilac polish. I'm not going to lie and say that the formula on the Layla Holographics is easy to work with because its not, frankly it's a pain in the arse, BUT the holo is so worth the work!

The holographic effect in the Layla polishes is the best I have seen, they show every colour of the rainbow.

The swatches here show three (very delicately applied) coats of Ultra Violet with no top coat and no base coat.

Layla Holographic Effect Ultra Violet

Pretty rainbow...

I then decided to try a bit of stamping over the top and what cuter stamp to go with this than hearts?! I used Klean Color Metallic Fuschia to stamp with.

I hope this makes up for me being M.I.A yesterday!

Layla polishes are available at Harlow & Co and Simply Occasions (for the UK girls!). Layla also have a Facebook page as do Harlow & Co so go and check them out!