Friday, 15 June 2012

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection Part 1

Picture Heavy Post!!!

So yesterday I asked you how you wanted to see the Equestria Collection from Rainbow Honey and you all said SPAM!!! Well I always listen to you guys and follow your wishes, however after looking at these pretties I decided to do them in two parts. These polishes each deserve their little part of the spot light. Today I have Hoof Wrassle, Mare Of The Moon and A Little Kindness for your drooling pleasure.

Hoof Wrassle

This polish was the only one in the collection that I wasn't completely sold on when I ordered it. Its orange. Orange and I don't mix.

This, however, is no ordinary orange. Its a coppery, shimmery, skin flattering orange and its rammed full of glitter. Hoof Wrassle has gold, copper, orange, iridescent and holographic glitters all suspended in a shimmery orange jelly type base. I chose to layer this over a matching base colour but it could easily be built up to full opacity on its own with a bit of patience.

The swatches show one coat of Hoof Wrassle over an orange base and topped off with a coat of Gelous and Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

A Little Kindness

Ahhhhh A Little Kindness is so pretty and delicate. In the bottle the combination of pink, peach and gold remind me of Fruit Salad sweets as they have the same sort of colour!

The shimmer in this one is what really makes the polish stand out, its got this iridescent, pink gleam that catches the light beautifully.

For these swatches I layered one coat of A Little Kindness over a light, candy pink and topped it off with one coat of Gelous and a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

Mare Of The Moon

Mare Of The Moon was one of the secret added extra polishes and I was absolutely dying to see it! Oh boy it did not disappoint.

Its a beautiful colour shifting polish that changes between royal blue to a deep shimmery purple depending on the angle it catches the light. Then there are the holographic glitters, some small some medium that are scattered throughout the polish. There are also silver crescent moons floating in the blue shimmer just waiting to be discovered! This polish is just like dipping your nails in to the Milky Way!

This polish is made for layering and a whole host of different bases can be used to bring out the different colours and compliment the glitter. I layered Mare Of The Moon over a royal blue base, the application of Mare Of The Moon was a bit of a pain as you really have to fish to get the moons out which is the only let down.

So there is the first instalment of the Equestria Collection, so far Rainbow Honey have done an amazing job of the line.
Rainbow Honey polishes are available at their Etsy store and you can keep up to date with product releases and shop openings on their Facebook page and their blog.