Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jade Holographic Collection Part 3

Picture Heavy Post!!!

Hey all, welcome to the final instalment of the Jade Holographic Collection, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Part 1 can be found here and part 2 can be found here just in case you need to catch up :-)
Today I have the final three polishes for you: Facinio Violeta, Magia and Vermelho Surreal.

Facinio Violeta

This is a lilac/purple holographic polish. This is my favourite of the final three polishes, its such a unique colour as its really vibrant for a lilac shade. Ill be doing some comparisons of other lilac/purple holos in the future but I'm fairly sure this is a unique colour to my collection.



Magia is a dark charcoal/black holo. I really liked this polish, its not the most unique polish out there colour wise but its beautifully holo. I have the Glitter Gal black 3D holo and in comparison I think this one although lacking in colour intensity is much more holographic, I think one must choose between having a "true black" or having a really holographic dark charcoal.

Vermelho Surreal

And so to the final polish in the collection, a deep, rusty red holo. Reds seem to be really hard to master as holographic polishes, they're either too pink or too orange, it must be something to do with the holo pigments used. This is described as a true red on the Jade website but I would say it leans slightly rusty red rather than blood red. Its still increadbly beautiful and all I could think as I was applying this one is hmmmmm this is right up my friend, Red's street, she's going to love this ;-)
This one is dedicated to you my lovely xx


So there you have them, the entire Jade Holographic Collection in three days :-)
All in all I really liked this collection, they are vibrant colours, with (mostly) good, two coat application and a superb holographic punch. Good golly those Brazilians know how to knock out amazing holos!

Id like to thank my wonderful friend Laura for sending me these polishes to play with, I've had an massive amount of fun.

One last reminder that the entire Jade Holographic Collection is available to purchase from Leah Ann at Llarowe.

****My Rainbow Equestria Collection arrived today and i need your input! How would you like to see them? There are six polishes in the collection, plus two secret (well not so secret now!) bonus polishes. Would you like me to post them individually over a period of days or spam you like i have with the Jade Collection? This is as much your blog as it is mine and i want to do what makes YOU happy :-)