Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chanel Rouge Noir

Today I fancied a bit of nostalgia, a trip back in time to 1994!  Back to a time where Blur and Oasis ruled the UK charts, to a time where the Wonder Bra burst on to the UK fashion scene and in particularly a time where a very impressionable 14 year old had her first taste of polish love. A time when Uma Thurman rocked Chanel's Rouge Noir in the film Pulp Fiction!

I remember excitedly going to House of Frasier (a department store) with my mom and buying the exact polish that Uma Thurman wore. I had the DVD, I had the soundtrack and now i had the polish and I was unstoppable!

Fast forward 18 years and once again this beautiful and classic yet edgy polish is back in my hands. My lovely mommy hunted down this polish for my part of my birthday present this year and I was so moved that she not only thought to get me polish but also remembered my first polish love :-)

So here it is in all its dark glory, two coats and one coat of Seche Vite.

Chanel Rouge Noir

Sorry for the pure self indulgence but sometimes you've just gotta love a polish for its staying power