Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bettina Fiori Collection

So its the middle of June and here in the UK we are STILL waiting for summer to arrive. To help ease me through the recent dreary days my lovely friend Wanda sent me the new Bettina Fiori Collection. I am new to Bettina but I must say I was blown away with the quality of these polishes. They reach full, buttery coverage in just two coats and the colours are very vibrant for pastel shades.
All of the swatches are two coats followed by one coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.


This is a beautiful orchid lilac colour. I found it very hard to capture the true colour of this polish, it kept coming out more pink than it really is :-S

Bettina Glacinto


This is a creamy, neutral peach colour. This is the sort of colour that would flatter most skin tones and would be perfect for work.

Bettina Gladiola



This is a rich shimmery, caramel colour that would look stunning with a tan (or so I believe, I am lacking any tan due to the British summer time being cancelled!)


Bettina Magnolia


This is a beautiful minty blue/green. I cant quite make up my mind on what colour this is to be honest! In some lights it looks like a baby blue and in others its clearly a minty green. In these photos I would say it leans more to the green but I'll let you make up your own minds :-)

These photographs were taken after three days wear so please excuse the tip wear.

Bettina Orchidea


Ortensia is a beautiful, creamy, pistachio green. I don't have anything like this in my collection and I think the colour is quite unique.

Bettina Ortensia


The final polish in the collection I have to show you is Tulipani. A rosy pink that is classical and warm.


Bettina Tulipani

I love the colours in this collection but the shining crown for me would go to Ortensia for being a little bit different. The wear time on these polishes is good, the wear you can see on Orchidea is after three days and those three days were spent gardening so they take a good bashing before they chip/wear.

A big thank you to Wander for allowing me the chance to try the Bettina polishes :-) xx

Information on Bettina polishes are available at their website and their Facebook page.