Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Beetle Inspired Water Marble

Sooooo a couple of nights ago this little guy turned up on Facebook and I instantly fell in love with him!

My eyes were drawn to the beautiful colours all mingling together and bouncing off each other and I had a thought (yes I know that's scary, me using my brain!). Last year I saw the most amazing multichrome water marble manicure and I've wanted to give it a go ever since, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out.

So I went digging through my stash and gathered up my HITS and Ludurana multichrome polishes. I painted a base of Cult Nails Nevermore (the best black polish in the world) and just went a bit crazy with the multichromes in a small dish of warm water!

Please be kind as this is my first attempt at anything like this and I know its a long way from being perfect (especially my pinkie finger). 

I thought the colours reflected the colours on the beetle quite well, what do you think?

Beetle inspired water marble using HITS and Ludurana multichrome polishes

Tilting my fingers in slightly different positions reflected the different colours in the multichromes

Here you can see a slightly golden tone to the green swirl and more of a dark blue/teal colour as the background colour

Purple pops up at this angle

See the royal blue on the middle and ring fingers and on the index finger you can see copper, bronze and pink

Now for some individual fingers photos...

This is the index finger showing the pinks, blues, bronze and green colours
Index finger again from a slightly different angle showing the bronze, copper and green colours

This is my middle finger showing hints of teal and midnight blue as the background colours and the green swirl with a hint of gold highlight

This is my ring finger with a dramatic sweep of green and the royal blue and purple glinting through from behind
This is my pinkie and a bit of a water marble fail! I thought I'd show this so you can see it doesn't always go to plan lol ;-)

The base colour Nevermore (black creme) can be purchased from Cult Nails. All of the multichromes used for this manicure are made by HITS and Ludurana and can be purchased from the lovely Llarowe.