Saturday, 19 May 2012

Happy Holo-Day!

Hello campers! Today the Hussy celebrates Holo-Day with the ultimate holographic nail polish GOSH Holographic. This is the BEST holo polish i have tried (and trust me, ive tried them all!). The range of colours displayed in this polish is amazing, it even shows its holo in low light this baby is not shy!

However the application is very tricky. It doesn't like base coat unless its the specially formulated Aqua Base that was released the same time as the polish. It doesn't like top coat either, i find that any topcoat used dulls the holo effect. This polish is very hard to find and can fetch up to £30 (about $50) in the UK on Ebay which is a huge amount of money considering that when it was released it cost about £5 ($3)!

A little birdy (GOSH) have been talking about a re-release in June which i am SUPER excited about, ill be buying up as much of this as possible. At the moment i have to be so stingy with it (yes i paid £25 for this on Ebay). Ill keep you all posted with re-release information as soon as i know more :-)

So there you have it, the beautiful GOSH Holographic. Stunning but a right pain in the arse!