Monday, 28 May 2012

Dollish Polish It's A Me Mario!

Ahhhhh the beauty that is red, white and blue...

Today's mani is It's A Me Mario! from Dollish Polish over a crisp white base. I chose this today to celebrate Memorial Day in the USA. For my non American friends Memorial Day is a nationally observed holiday to remember the men and women that serve and protect the country. Its like Remembrance Day that we have in the UK.

It's A Me Mario! seemed appropriate as it contains striking red and blue glitter (it also has holographic stars but i chose to leave them out of this mani) and when layered on  white base it has the colours of both the US and UK flags, my way of bringing us all closer.

This glitter is just what you have come to expect from Dolly, its densely packed and could achieve full coverage in three coats, it also lays flat to the nail so there are no nasty bumps. The swatches show one coat of Mario and one coat of Seche Vite.

OMG I'm totally ashamed of my cuticles in this photo!! This is why you should moisturise!!

Oooooooh close up! Check out those holo stars

This is a must have for any Mario fans, it screams awesomeness! Dollish Polish are available at her online store and you can keep up to date with openings and new releases at the Dollish Polish Facebook page.