Thursday, 16 April 2015

Color Club Poptsatic Pastel Neon Collection

Hey Hussies!
Today I have the new Poptastic Pastel Neon Collection from Color Club. Firstly the thought of pastel neons is a total oxymoron for me, how can a pastel also be a neon?? Faded or bleached neons may have been a better choice of words but that's just the teacher in me coming out.
The name aside, I love this collection! It consists of seven shades including Feathered Hair Out To There (pink), Meet Me At The Rink (blue), Diggin The Dancing Queen (lavender),
Disco's Not Deat (creamy yellow), Hot Hot Hot Pants (peach), 'Til The Record Stops (minty green) and Under The Blacklight (pastel highlighter yellow). Each one reaches pull creamy coverage in 2-3 careful coats.
The colours are delicate yet vibrant at the same time. I've been playing around with this collection for a week or so now and here are a couple of the fun ideas I've come up with...
And just in case you were wondering...
They do glow under black light/UV light!
Colour Club polishes are available from many online retailers. I bought my collection from the USA on EBay as they are a little more difficult to get in the UK.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Glam Polish Cast a Spell Part 3: The White Witch Collection

Hey Hussies!
Today I have four new (to the UK) polishes from the White Witch Collection from Glam Polish. This collection is made up of nine pastel holographic polishes that each have a smattering of super holographic glitter. Each polish reaches full coverage in two coats and dries to a slightly gritty finish so I topped them off with a coat of Gelous and a coat of HKGirl top coat.
Today I have Hypnotize, Spellbound, Mesmerize and Enchanted to share with you...


Hypnotize is a minty green polish that reminds me of Tiana's dress from the Disney film The Princess and The Frog.


Spellbound is the perfect Cinderella blue.


Mesmerize s a stunning lavender/lilac. I couldn't think of a princess equivalent, but it doesn't make it any less princess-like!


Enchanted is the perfect, delicate, baby princess pink. It is the encapsulation of all things girly.

There is no getting away from just how beautiful these polishes are, its such a perfect collection for spring and I can see it being used in a lot of winter nail art too!
Glam Polishes are available from, there is also a section on their site about internationial stockists so you can get your Glam on no matter where you live! For us UK girls Glam Polish can be found at Rainbow Connection UK.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sparkly Vernis Spring In Your Step and Guilded Lemon Drops

Hey Hussies!
Today I have another two lovely polishes from Sparkly Vernis.

Spring In Your Step

This polish is a cross between spring green and mint green (if there is such a thing!). It has a slightly metallic finish under normal lighting but comes alive in the sunlight with a spectrum of rainbows.
The swatches here show three thin coats and one coat of HK Girl top coat.

Gilded Lemon Drops

This polish is a pale, champagne gold. This was a little tricky to apply; it appeared streaky after the first two coats but levelled off nicely by the third. I think the trick with this polish is to leave enough time to dry between coats as it levels as it dries. This polish also has a metallic sheen but really sparkles in the sunlight.
Here it is shown at three coats plus one coat of HK Girl top coat.

Sparkly Vernis polishes are available at and for us UK girls from Rainbow Connection UK.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sparkly Vernis Palm Trees At Night Collection

Hey Hussies!

Today I have two polishes from the Palm Trees At Night Collection by Sparkly Vernis. Both polishes have a brilliant constancy and could be one coaters if you were careful; I have used two coats in these swatches (because I'm a bit anal about just using one coat) and I have topped them off with one coat of HK Girl top coat from Glisten & Glow.

Coral Reef 

Coral Reef is a pinky-coral holographic polish that dries semi-matte. This polish is going to be awesome on summer toes to show off a tan!


Breeze and Wave Sounds

Breeze and Wave Sounds is a cross between blue and teal, it almost couldn't make up its mind what colour it was. It has an exquisite rainbow holographic effect in the sunlight.

Sparkly Vernis polishes are available at and us UK girls can get them from Rainbow Connection UK.

Monday, 6 April 2015

I'm Baaaaack!

Just a quick check in with my Hussies to say how's things going?!

Its been a year long break but I think I'm ready to return to the blogging world again. Ive taken the time to rekindle my love affair with nail polish, it dwindled last year, I think blogging almost felt like a job but now I feel ready to share again.

My polish life has evolved slightly since I last blogged. Firstly I've been bitten by the nail art bug, I may not be very good but damn it I give it a try! Secondly I've restricted my polish buying habits to just polishes I LOVE. I used to have to buy whole collections but now I'm able to restrict myself to just polishes that I really love and will wear, my collection has decreased from over 2500 polishes to around 650ish so that's a massive drop. Finally I will blog when I want to or feel the need to; I wont be adding hundreds of photos and I wont be blogging every day or even every week, just when something really gets me going! I want you to feel passionate about what I blog and in order to make you feel passionate I need to feel passionate! I want to enjoy blogging again so I wont be putting any pressure on myself.

OK enough gabbin' on. Here are a few examples of what I've been up to in my year long break...

Christmas Nails using Pipe Dream Polish ANIV Collection
Christmas Nails under UV light
Halloween Nail Art
Halloween Nail Art (glow in the dark shot)
Pond Mani
Blowing dandelions stamping over a gradient base
When Shrek met Fiona! (I did these when I went to see Shrek! The Musical)
A long time lemming of mine! Chaos &Crocodiles Cupcake Ninja
Buzzzzzzzy bee mani

Cute Grim Reaper Nails

So this is just a taste of my past year. I have such sights to show you...


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lynnderella Sweet Art Package

Hey Hussies!

Tonight I have a beautiful new Lynnderella twinset to share with you.

Lynn has gone in a different direction this year and instead of releasing a Valentines collection she has released two very special polishes along with the cutest perspex sweetie filled with all shapes of glitter to add accents to your manicure :-)

All Heart

The first polish I have is All Heart. This is a cute combination of white glitters with a smattering of pink and red hearts, hexes and squares in a shimmered base.

The swatches here show one coat of All Heart over a base of Picture Polish Bright White, followed by a coat of Gelous and a coat of Glitter Gals Gloss Boss top coat.

Heart Spoken

Heart spoken is the second polish in the set. It comprises of violet/purple holographic microglitter with a smattering of magenta and red glitters for interest.

This polish covers beautifully and reaches opacity in three coats. The swatches here show three coats of Heart Spoken, followed by a coat of Gelous and two coats of Glitter Gal Gloss Boss.

This set is currently available from the Lynnderella store HERE and for those of us in Europe we have our own Lynnderella stockist!! Norway Nails available HERE is the only authorised retailer of Lynnderella polishes, Wenchie is lovely and the super fast at shipping :-)

Happy Valentines Day to you all xxx

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

piCture pOlish HUSSY!!

Hey hussies!

I have been waiting for ever to do this post and share my amazing polish with you!

Waaaaaaaaaay back in 2012 I was chosen by piCture pOlish to make a collaboration shade with them and after a lot of tweaking and one reformulation its finally ready.

Hussy is a dusty purple polish with the gorgeous flakies that feature in White Wedding and the newly launched piCture pOlish exclusive holographic pigment. This combination of effects means that this polish has a gorgeous holographic shimmer in bright light and the multicoloured flakies show in low lights. It was my goal to have a polish that looked good no matter what the lighting conditions were.

I'm so thrilled with this baby and I hope you love it to, its been a labor of love :-)

Here you can just about see the multicoloured flakies

piCture pOlish are now available in the UK from Sally Magpies and Rainbow Connection UK the ONLY official stockists of piCture pOlish in the UK! You can also visit the piCture pOlish Network HERE to access other stockists in your area.

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